Updating your existing Kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. 
Here are several low-cost Kitchen Remodeling ideas to consider for your New Kitchen:


A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in making an outdated kitchen look fabulous. The obvious place to start is with the walls, but painting the cabinets or even the fridge is a cheap and easy way to update the entire kitchen. Since you are already working on the cabinets, be sure to add new hardware (or even spray paint the old stuff) for a fresh modern look. Using paint is flexible and affordable, which makes it a great place to start your low-cost remodel. Some brave DIYers are even painting their own faux granite countertops.



Speaking of countertops … they should almost always be the main focus of a kitchen remodel. Unless you already have a sturdy material like granite or stainless steel, it is likely that your countertops are looking pretty rough after a few years. While installing brand new granite or marble may be out of your price range, there are cheaper alternatives that still give kitchens a modern and fresh look. For instance, did you know that you can cover your counters in your favorite fabric or paper and then use layers of polyurethane sealer for a permanent, waterproof finish? There are some pretty amazing wallpaper options that look like real marble and would be perfect for kitchen counters.

You can also lay thin sheets of metal or wood on top of existing counters or lay tile on your countertops just like you would tile the floor or a backsplash.


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People usually prioritize the living room when shopping for major furniture purchases. But if your kitchen is outdated and you don’t have the money for a total remodel, consider adding strategically placed pieces of furniture like an island, a hutch for storage, bar stools at the counter or a modern eat-in kitchen table and chairs. We suggest spending an afternoon at Ikea browsing the inspiration rooms. You will, without a doubt, come home with the perfect affordable addition for your kitchen.


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Outdated kitchens always seem to be lacking in the sink department. While a beautiful marble sink may be out of your price range, you can actually find an awesome farmhouse sink online for around $300! This popular option will give your kitchen a more modern look while also increasing the functionality of your kitchen. If $300 is still pushing your budget, try hitting up a Habitat ReStore and search for a sink that can be repurposed in your kitchen.


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Even the most luxurious kitchens look bad if they are cluttered and dirty. So take some time really planning out the functionality of your kitchen and get some cabinet organizers, door organizers, life organizers (you get the idea). Kiss the days of storing cereal boxes on top of the fridge goodbye. Every item should have a designated place in the kitchen to ensure your kitchen stays clean and organized. 

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